Digital ACE Guernsey Nintendo Switch Giveaway

One of Jason’s other ventures is Guernsey eSports which is an attempt to create a competitive gaming scene in Guernsey. Guernsey eSports was invited to host an exhibit at a local event run on Safer Internet Day known as Digital ACE. The team agreed they wanted to do something good for Guernsey and decided to raise money towards gaming equipment to give the Guernsey Hospital Children’s Ward (Frossard Ward) by running a Mario Kart Hot Lap competition. Because they had no idea how much to expect, it was agreed a donation of some equipment would be needed to make the event worthwhile and provide incentive for people and so Marc and I agreed to donate a Nintendo Switch on behalf of Granite Games.

After an evening spent frantically designing a banner and t-shirt we were set. Jason attended the event on behalf of Granite Games. Overall over 3000 people attended the event with 120+ people entering the competition - 20 of those returning to register multiple times.

Jason’s wife, Joelle, came with their son Théoden near the end of the event who enjoyed running around trying to touch the very expensive drones from an exhibit in the same room.

The banner and t-shirt ended up looking totally awesome.

Granite Games Digital ACE Banner

Granite Games Digital ACE Turnout

Granite Games Digital ACE Jason T-Shirt