Privacy Policy

Here at Granite Games, we care about creating games that are fun to play. When you download and launch one of our games or visit our website, we gather information about you. This allows us to see how players are interacting with our games. Even so, we understand that privacy is important and ensure that we only capture non-personal data and respect your privacy.

This document explains the way we collect and use this information. If you have any questions or comments then please contact us.

What do we capture?

The information we are capturing includes:

  • What device you are playing on - the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identities). eg. iPhone 6s
  • What OS version you are running on. Eg. ios 10.3.1
  • Custom event information that help us understand how the game is being used
    • what level you die / give up on
    • scores you get on levels (so we can re-balance things if necessary)
    • Which features are used (ie. swipe controls, iCade )

No personally identifiable information is collected.

Note that we do not track your unique device identifier (UDID) or other personal information – the data we capture is anonymous.

Why do we capture this data?

The custom information help us to understand how you are playing our games. We use this data to benchmark the usage of our games. We regularly look at these statistics and try to find ways to improve our products.

whether there are any points in the game that are too difficult, whether any of you are finding any of the cool stuff that we have hidden away.

For example, in Alrick the Wizard we record how many attempts it takes you to get past a level, and whether you exit without having solved a level. We create the puzzles and quickly become blind as to what is really difficult.

With this information we can easily spot that level X takes 5 times more attempts than the other levels around it and that 70% of players never get past it.

We want our games to be fun and not induce rage quits. If we identify any difficulty spikes that look to be infuriating players then we will address them.

What are we using?

Our games use two service providers:

  1. Flurry Analytics
  2. Unity Analytics

These are trusted and established service providers that we have integrated into our games.

We use these as they are specialist services desinged with information security in mind. These services collect and submit anonymous data (the data is anonymized and encrypted before it is sent to the analytics servers).

For more information on Flurry Analytics’ use of your information, please review the Flurry Analytics Terms of Service and the Flurry Analytics Privacy Policy.

For more information on Unity Analytics’ use of your information, please review the Unity Analytics Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us.